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Private Fees

Please note that prices listed here are an estimation only and subject to change. Prices may differ according to many factors. Please discuss with a member of staff for more information.


New patient registration £50.00
Recall examination and cancer screening £35.00
Small digital x-ray (per item) £9.00

Extractions (from)

Simple extraction £75.00
Surgical extraction £150.00

Fillings (from)

Composite white- small £80.00
Composite white- medium £100.00
Composite white- large £125.00
Amalgam silver- small £70.00
Amalgam silver- medium £90.00
Amalgam silver- large £110.00
Glass Ionomer £65.00
Temporary filling £55.00

Inlays (from)

Composite Inlay £550.00
Porcelain inlay £550.00
Gold inlay £550.00

Crowns (from)

Composite crown £550.00
Porcelain crown £550.00
Gold crown £550.00
Recement crown £52.00

Bridges (from)

Bridge per unit £550.00
Bridge pontic £550.00
Recement bridge £52.00

Root Canal Treatment (from)

Front tooth £175.00
Pre- molar £225.00
Molar £275.00

Dentures (from)

Partial acrylic £400 per denture
Full acrylic £500 per denture
Partial metal cobalt chrome £600.00 per denture
Full metal cobalt chrome £700.00 per denture
Repair denture £60.00
Addition of tooth £40.00


Hand scale £30.00
Ultrasonic scale £60.00
Airflow with ultrasonic scale £75.00
Whitening with ultrasonic scale £230.00


Implant consultation FREE
Implant (from) £2500 per tooth
Lab fee £50.00
Tooth whitening £295.00